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Our Team

The Energistx Team is a powerful synergy of professional consultants, technicians, scientists and engineers working together to make a difference in the world. From researching, developing, integrating and bringing to market the most innovative technologies in renewable energy, water, shelter, environments, sound and light, all of our associates share a common goal to understand and empower your organization's vision and effectiveness. We choose our consultants and representatives based on experience, dependability, creativity, and integrity...

Principle Executive Staff

Halle Blessing: CEO and Co-Founder of Energistx, Renewable Energy Systems Integration, New Technologies Marketing and Manufacturing Research and Development, Whole Systems "Green" Design Specialist for Industry, Commercial, Municipalities and Communities

Halle Blessing, the Co-Founder and CEO of Energistx, has been a building contractor for 30 years with an extensive practical knowledge of integrated green building systems. . As former Executive Vice President (1996-88) of Intrinsic Technologies Corporation, a computer software company based in Colorado, COO and Operations Manager and Shareholder of ZeoSync, a Data Compression Technology Corporation, Halle embodies the invaluable experience of grounded, caring leadership within diverse organizations and professional relationships.

The most exciting role Halle has as CEO of Energistx is to network, source and bring to market cutting-edge environmentally sound technologies that can truly shape our future. Focusing on technologies that affect both the realms of perception, practicality, and sustainability, he brings together integrated solutions to multiple aspects of industries. By providing new possibilities and opportunities for a wide cross-section of markets, Halle's innovative, synthesizing mind and inclusive business approach gives Energistx a fresh, competitive edge to be the first company of its kind to offer empowering solutions to traditional technological and financial obstacles.

"All of my life I've had a knowing that we each have the power to co-create the world we want to live in," he continues, "I am absolutely committed to the realization of a new era of humanity living in wisdom and balance with nature; taking full advantage of the vast body of information and resourcefulness of modern technology, whole-systems knowledge and creative culture."

"I am on this planet to make a difference. To help empower people to be the God that they are. God isn't out there somewhere, Creator is inside each and every one of us. This life is our opportunity to be each other's gateway of creation." -Halle Blessing


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