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Emergency Power Back Up
NEW! Power Wagon Alternative energy generator!
Emerging Solar Technologies

Energistx is your source for the latest technologies from the cutting-edge innovators in the alternative energy industry. We help you stay prepared in a fast-changing world with back-up emergency power generation and the best in automobile and diesel truck hydrogen mileage boosters, fuel enhancers, and generator efficiency booster technologies.

Mileage Boosting products end up saving you significant money, while simultaneously decreasing pollution and consumption of fossil fuels. Burn less fuel today while making a safer, cleaner world for tommorow.

Avoid dangerous and inconvenient electricity outages and reduce electric bills with powerful stand-by battery bank systems of all sizes. For use with electrical generators, solar, or grid-tied homes and businesses. Also see our full line of Stand-by, emergency and primary generators for disaster relief power infrastructure anytime.




Emergency Power Back-Up

Turn-Key Disaster Relief Power Infrastructrure Services

1Self Charging POWERWAGONtm Trailer Alternate Power Generators

BACKUP POWER SOURCE Stand-By Alternate Power With Solar Options

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30% Federal Rebate Available for Solar and other renewables and efficiency alternatives !
Click here for more information on STATE and FEDERAL REBATES!

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