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Alternate Energy Systems
Integrated Stand By Battery Back Up Systems ergy

Energistx brings you
Backup Power Source tm as part of a total energy management system. The result is a unit that can be used for an array of applications from electricity billl reduction to back up power to enabling alternative energy sources or extending generator efficiency. The Backup Power Source comes in a range of power sizes, and multiple units
can be aggregated, expanded, or distributed as needed. This technology addresses the deficiencies in today's power supply landscape by providing high-quality, innovative, and turn-key distributed electrical storage and power systems. Experience the power!


1BPS 2400 or BPS 3600-
2400-3600 Watts of automatic standby electric power with 220A/hrs of (included) battery storage for 120V appliances. Surge wattage capable of 4800- 7200 Watts. BPS 2400 or BPS 3600
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BPS 3600 8 BatteryBPS 3600 8 Battery-
3600 Watts of automatic standby electric power with 440A/hrs of (included) battery storage for 120V appliances. Surge wattage capable of 7200 Watts.Click Image for More Info

BPS220D 8 BatteryBPS220D 8 Battery-
3600 Watts of automatic standby power for 240V or 120V appliances with 440A/hrs of (included) battery storage. Or can be used fot 7200 Watts of 120V.

1BPS 2 or 4 Panel Solar Package
Complete package that includes 2 or 4 120 Watts (or greater) solar photovoltaic panels, adjustable roof mount racks, PV cabling & combiner, and all fusing and controls required to make any of the above systems solar capable of 240-500 watts peak solar production.
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1BPS 1250 Solar-
A complete plug & play automatic power grid connected standby power system or off-grid system, that includes a solar PV package that is capable of 1250 running watts, or 1850 surge watts for 120V appliances with 220/Ahrs of battery (included) storage. Includes 1 or 2 120 Watt (or greater) solar PV panels, adjustable roof mount racks, PV cabling, and all required fusing and controls to make 120-250 watts of peak power production.

2BPS4448M -
A versatile automatic standby power system with a UL approved metal enclosure with built in electrical sub-panel that houses eight batteries and manages up to 4400 watts of pure sine wave power for 120V and 240V 60Hz appliances.
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What is the BPS System Reusable Power Supply?

Emergency Power When You Need It.

The BPS System provides 24/7 instant backup power for critical loads
in homes and businesses in a single ready to install system.

The BPS System operates independently and automatically to ensure
a seamless transfer when the power goes out. When utility power
is restored, it switches back to normal operation and recharges
the batteries for the next outage.

Typically, the BPS System can provide 24-48 hours*
of emergency power for 120V appliances.

*Actual backup time varies by usage. Can be used in
conjunction with standard generator for prolonged outages.


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The BPS System provides power for critical loads such as
security systems, sump pumps, furnace fans, lights, and most computers.


  • Installs into breaker panel*
  • Monitors your power
  • Detects power loss
  • Switches to backup power
  • Continues to monitor power
  • Switches back to utility power
    when restored & stable
  • Recharges for next outage

Physical Dimensions:
40”H x 36”W x 15”D apx. 320 lbs

Technical Specifications:
BPS 3600:
AC Input Voltage- 120 VAC
Continuous Power- 3600 VA
Output Voltage- 60A @ 120 VAC
Surge Capability- 7500

AC & DC overcurrent protection and disconnects. (Only for indoor installation) Simply connect to the battery and AC loads and your system is operational. 60 amp AC system bypass allows servicing while staying connected to the grid or generator.
Specified temperature range:
32 F - 104 F (0 C - 40 C)

Standard Install for utility backup power applications*Standard install for utility backup power applications
Process repeated with two (separate) out of phase 120V inputs for dual inverter model 220D Flex to achieve 3600 watts x 2 (7200 total watts, but split) out of phase at 120V. Or 3600 total watts at 240V & 120V, 30 amps. 240V can also be achieved with single inverter system, and step up transformer at 15 amps maximum.


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