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Welcome to The PowerWagon Self Charging Alternative Energy Generator

A New Concept in Generator Power
The POWERWAGON is a brand new, portable trailer power generator that provides clean, quiet and renewable energy wherever it is needed most.  The POWERWAGON series of generators takes battery-run generators to a whole new level.  The POWERWAGON 5000 watt power system can supply enough electricity to run a home or construction site with no emissions, virtually no noise, and no storage of fuel, maintenance, oil changes, etc. – providing a sensational value.
Mounted on a rugged, extra heavy duty trailer, The POWERWAGON can be driven almost anywhere and recharges as you drive – making it perfect for applications ranging from emergency preparation/humanitarian aid and construction jobsite use to recreation and home back-up power.  Built for reliability and toughness, it excels in the most extreme conditions.
The POWERWAGON includes:
  • Durable Full Steel Frame with Extra Heavy Duty Train and Hitch
  • SEC Diamond Plate Aluminum Better Built® Battery Boxes
  • Over 24 Hours Run Time with 50-70 Mile Recharge
  • 4 External Convenience 20 Amp Outlets
  • 225/75 D15 8 Ply Trailer Tires


Mobile Hybrid Power Station Trailer

The POWERWAGON is ideal for:

  • Road & Commercial Construction
  • Construction Rental
  • Electricians
  • Mechanics
  • Government & Military
  • RV Camping
  • News Reporting, Movie Making
  • Special Events

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Prices start at $8,600

please contact us at 1-866-733-8686





History of The Power Wagon

My name is Paul L. Wilks. I am writing about my new invention named “The Power Light Wagon.” How the wagon came about was, seven or eight years or more ago, I was working on a project on how to have electricity when the power was off in my house for my family when it was not available.

I put my idea on my truck first so that when the power went out, I could plug into the truck and have power. I put holes in the floors of the house and ran extension cords up through the holes in the floors. One day my wife found the holes and “that was not good.” I began telling her about what I was working on; to have electricity any time you need it and anywhere. She asked me a few questions and I told her it was going to take time and money to do this.  So she gave me some money and said take this and use what you need to make it happen and if it doesn’t work, take what is left and put it down on a divorce lawyer (“HAHA!”). I had to make this work, because I didn’t want to go through a divorce because she is the best thing that has ever happened to me.


The power went off one night and I plugged into my truck to have electricity and it was nice. We had the T.V., the microwave, phone, lights, refrigerator, but the next day the power was still off and my wife and I had to get ready for work. I had to leave first, so that left her without power. That had made me feel pretty bad. I got to thinking if I could make my idea mobile I wouldn’t have to take the power with me. So, I got to thinking hard about this and one day as I was driving west on Interstate 64 and listening to 93.7 The Dawg and looked across the highway and saw a pickup pulling a trailer, it “Hit Me!” The trailer was a cut off from another truck and that is what I needed to make my idea work. From there I filled out a Patent on my idea and went to work on it trying to put this all together. With the support of my family and friends, I knew I could make this work. Just think we have something that can provide electricity anytime and anywhere, and we don’t have to listen to a generator and help the environment with needing renewable energy, and this could help on the solutions with Global Warming. If we would have had this after the disaster of Hurricane Katrina, people could have had a power source.

So work will continue on the “Power Light Wagon.” There is still a lot of work to do and it’s up to us to lessen emissions into the atmosphere and that’s what we need: to be Eco-Friendly.

Yours truly,

Paul L. Wilks


What Do Our Customers say?

“I’ve never seen anything like it before. We could take this places without electricity. It would be great for festivals; it’s not very loud. You can’t hear it run. It saves on gas; it would pay for itself in about a year’s time with us.”

M & M Inflatables, John Howard, Manager


"...What really impressed me with The Power Wagon was that there were no disturbing noises....the only fumes noticeable were from the derby cars and the smell of the food cooking in the concession trailer which was also powered by The POWERWAGON." 

Red Hot Fire Equipment Company


"...I was able to work all night as there was no noise to disturb my neighbors. I also liked it because you don't have to use gas and there are no fumes to deal with!“ 

Randy's Lawn & Landscaping Services


"...the power went out and I am on oxygen, and my reserve tanks were not full. Without power I was not able to have oxygen to breathe.  I had heard about The POWERWAGON on television...I am thankful that when I called you on the telephone about my problem, that you were able to help hook me up to my oxygen to breathe, using The POWERWAGON...And the greatest benefit was that there was no noise, no fumes for me to inhale...“

Jewel Meddings