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Cooling Tower Technologies

Energistx offers the latest in non-toxic cooling tower algae and bacteria control, optimiztion and automation. Ionizers prove to be the safest and effective yet biologically friendly solution to slime, algae, and bacteria growth. Chemtrol(R) programmable automation of all chemical additives, water levels and pressures ensure your system runs clean and efficiently while minimizing environmental and health impacts.

Ionizer Technology for Cooling Towers
Electrolytic Ion Generators are used throughout the world to prevent algae, slime, Legionella and bacterial growth in cooling towers. The HVAC industry is looking for alternatives to traditional biocides that are more economical, automated, safer and more effective. With more and more government restriction on toxic waste effluents and other related concerns with handling, dosing and corrosion problems associated with chemcial biocides, our alternative systems are finding widespread use. For more information and industry publications please click here...

Ionizer Benefits Include:
•Metal ions maintain a stable sanitizing residual insuring protection during intermittent periods of operation
•Higher temperatures actually demonstrate more effective kill rates
•Metal ions are very effective in eradicating Legionella pneumophila and other chlorine resistant microorganisms
•Stable water and ease of maintenance
Simple operation, reliable and trouble free solid state equipment
•Lifetime warranty program
•United States Environmental Protection Agency Est. #59047-GA-001
•Waterproof UL Approved Enclosure and NSF Listed Ion Chamber Components
•NSF Standard 50 & UL 1081 compliance for public and commercial installations

Cooling Tower Ionizer Products