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Affordable Replacement Housing and Buildings

Easy to assemble, attractive, low-cost housing and permanent infrastructure. We can offer a wide range of housing options - from modular units, to permanent construction conversion to fully functioning temporary cities.We strive to always have a solution that's economical, reliable, and customized
to fit our client's specific needs.
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• Customized design to suit the needs of the project
• Ease of on-site erection
• Economical and rapidly deployed
• Can be removed, shipped and reinstalled in another location

Modular Dormitories can be constructed according to your specifications, based on:

Number of personnel needing shelter
Type of bedding configurations and amenities desired
Can be located nearly anywhere space allows

16-man Dormitory Layout









Hotel Rooms Modular hotel rooms with private baths are ideal for individuals who require privacy, on a site that is equipped with food and beverage facilities. The number of units erected will depend on your needs and can be adjusted to accommodate additional personnel side by side.


Private Residences Houses of various sizes, quality and amenities can be clustered in the location of your choice. Other services (such as stores, restaurants and barber shops) can also be added within a housing complex, making this product offers a particularly good solution for long term status.



Apartments Modular studio, one, two and three bedroom apartments are an excellent option for long term stays. They offer privacy and convenience, plus the apartment's kitchen allows residents to cook their own food.




Warehouses Modular warehouses can be constructed based on your safety concerns, plumbing and electrical needs and are ideal for your storage and/or display needs. They are low cost and can be equipped with Air Conditioning and/or heating.



WAREHOUSES: Vacant warehouses are easily convertible into dorms or barracks or display facilities

SCHOOLS: School facilities are easily convertible into dorm- & barrack-style housing. They often sit on a large piece of land and are generally equipped with an industrial kitchen, dining hall, and athletic/recreation facilities.

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