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Mobile Commercial Kitchens by Carlin

Energistx is proud to bring you the world's leading manufacturer of Mobile Kitchens. Each of our units is built with painstaking attention to detail and quality, providing you with reliable, cost-effective, and efficient mobile foodservice solutions for any application. Call Us for A Quote!

Turn-Key Mobile Foodservice Facilities
Carlin Manufacturing is the world's leader in mobile kitchens for this reason: every Carlin mobile kitchen is value engineered for the specific function it will perform. Every unit is a custom project designed and built to meet and exceed specific needs, whether you're feeding 100 to 10,000 customers.

We efficiently organize full-service food preparation facilities in spaces from 12 feet to 53 feet, built inside trucks or on a trailer chassis, as well as a variety of double drive-thru and relocatable buildings. Carlin's commitment to engineered solutions and our passion for perfection means there is no commercial food preparation and serving operation that cannot be put on wheels.

Value engineering - Both form and function of a Carlin mobile kitchen are engineered to return increasing value to the owner.

Small footprint - Carlin mobile kitchens take up far less space than conventional construction.

Space utilization - Every square inch of a Carlin Mobile Kitchen is designed to perform beyond expectations.

Fast investment return - Because they're portable and durable, Carlin Mobile Kitchens are up and operating on a timeline that begins cash flow astonishingly fast!

Full color graphics - Carlin Mobile Kitchens feature the world's most detailed custom exterior graphics to promote and attract business.

In addition to Burger King, Pizza Hut, McDonald's and dozens of other major foodservice vendors around the world, Carlin Mobile Kitchens have been engineered from the ground up for emergency relief organizations, firefighters, and the armed forces here and abroad.

Our team of trained and certified engineers is ready to work with you to provide custom designs for any concept. Our goal is to provide the most effective and efficient mobile foodservice solutions. With hundreds of mobile kitchens operating in more than 30 countries, we're clearly accomplishing that goal everyday.

Call Us 24 hrs toll free: 866.733.8686
Leasing Available. Many Existing Floorplans to choose from!