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PATHS Program Authoring The Human Subconscious

Is there something about yourself you'd love to change? If you could create positive changes in yourself right now, would you? PATHS is the evolutionary KEY to unlocking the hidden power within you. The PATHS developers have discovered in the past 10 years of research, a Universal Subconscious Language, capable of communicating directly with our biology and psyche, delivering millions of time released instructions to activate your body's own chemical secretions specifically and intentionally. Empowering new ideas replace limiting beliefs, making space for new positive experiences.

What is PATHS?
Is it possible that deep in your subconscious mind there are beliefs and old “tapes” playing that may be hindering you in reaching your goals, connecting with others, or making better decisions? Many have discovered that the secret to why we to act and think in certain ways originate in our subconscious mind, hidden from our awareness.

PATHS is a revolutionary technology that gently, yet effectively retrains your subconscious to make healthier choices...with joy and ease. PATHS uses RDT, Rapid Data Transfer to introduce millions of powerful new thoughts and biological cues dynamically time released over a 7-day cycle.

How can this be done? At the heart of PATHS is a universal subconscious language that can communicate directly with an individual’s biology, providing nourishing boosts of your body’s own natural, healthful chemicals like DHEA, Melatonin, and {insert}, producing noticeable increases in vitality, focus, and lifestyle changes.

Furthermore, PATHS modules actually help people modify behavior by introducing new biological instructions that release subtle secretions of endorphins and serotonin when you make better choices in your life. For example, while using the “Communication” module, when you choose to listen to someone patiently instead of interrupting, you experience the immediate biological reward of feeling great.

PATHS can only work along with your Free Will. A person must want to make the changes in their life, or their subconscious mind will simply reject the new information. Your selection of any given module is your consent that, indeed, you desire transformation in this specific area.

The choice is yours. Experience your life transforming, while old habits, limiting beliefs, and behaviors that didn’t serve you fall away....making way for fresh opportunity and fulfillment. In as little as 5 minutes per week, begin putting your most powerful tool to work for you every moment of the day.

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YOU CAN experience amazing personal growth and health benefits in just minutes a week!

The Future of Mind Technology is Here Today!

Based on decades of research, PATHS is a revolutionary breakthrough in spiritual technology that energetically sends messages and cues directly to your subconscious mind to help you effect desired changes and enhance your life.

Your subconscious controls 95% of bodily function. PATHS helps YOU Unlock the Hidden Power within You!

The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena; it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.
—Nikola Tesla—

The secret of living a life of excellence is merely a matter of thinking thoughts of excellence. Really, it's a matter of programming our minds with the kind of information that will set us free.
—Charles R. Swindoll—

IMAGINE that this month you can begin to have...
  • will-power and confidence at your fingertips

  • boundless energy all day

  • deep self assurance and confidence like you have never known

  • elevated state of happiness and stability of mood

  • elimination of fears that keep you from living the life you want to live

Rapid Data Transfer Protocol

Rapid Data Transfer (RDT) is a new, unique technology that helps you use the potential of your own mind without any drugs or medications.

It can help you to improve in almost every area of your life including, health (physical, mental, emotional & spiritual), enlightenment, productivity, success, communication, relationships, fitness and sports - even improve your golf game!

Rigorously tested for several years, RDT is now helping thousands of individuals like you improve their lives in many ways in as little as 3 minutes a week.

PATHS is a revolutionary tool that assists the unconscious part of your mind (a.k.a. subconscious) to reach goals that your conscious mind has set for yourself.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
—Arthur C. Clarke—

What can PATHS do for YOU?

PATHS can help you reach your Full Potential by helping you Unlock the Hidden Power within You - Your Subconscious. Whether you want to improve your business, your body or just improve the quality of your life, PATHS can help your subconscious to help YOU work on your conscious desires.

The conscious mind can process about 40 bits of information per second, the subconscious mind can process 40 Million bits of information per second.

Utilizing break-through spiritual technology, PATHS instructs your subconscious to do 'behind the scenes' work needed for you to see your conscious desires fulfilled. PATHS Modules get into your mental super computer -- your subconscious -- and help YOU make super positive things happen in your work, your body and your life.

Change your thoughts and you change your world
—Norman Vincent Peale—

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Can Your Brain Really Give You An Amazing Body?
January,6 2008

The principle seems simple enough:  Your subconscious mind already controls about 95% of your bodily functions.  So what if you can tell your subconscious to work on a specific area to increase certain cells, hormones, and other bodily functions to your advantage?  Of course the trick is, how do you do that?  Many believe this is possible already by making affirmations daily.  I believe that as well, but having tried hundreds of daily affirmations for some time with only limited results, I was ready for something a little more powerful.

My focus was on improving the strength and muscles in my upper body, specifically my neck and arms.  Now, about a year ago, if you told me that I would be able to recover from the pain and weakness I had just by watching an online presentation that promised to assist my subconscious mind by providing certain ‘cues’ to develop more strength and muscle, I would have thought it a lofty idea that may have possibilities.  I would be inclined to check it out with the hopes of having some success in improving my condition.

It was about that time that I was fortunate enough to find out about PATHS and the technology that PATHS has developed that does indeed allow me to access my subconscious in a way that I would not be able to do otherwise (or at least not that I have learned to do so far by using meditation, affirmations, etc.).  Upon discovering this new technology and researching the testimonials and the technology itself, I found that using PATHS presented a real possibility in improving my situation.  It was certainly worth a try, and I hoped that I had finally found an answer that might help me regain some of the muscle I had lost due to my injury and consequently, my inability to exercise.

Within 60 days of using the program, I had vastly improved the amount of tone muscle throughout my entire body using the Ultimate Body module.  This was especially noticeable in my upper body and biceps, which were my weakest areas due to MRI-verified and doctor diagnosed herniated discs and moderate degeneration in my neck and upper thoracic spine. 

Before I started on the PATHS Ultimate Body program, I had serious trouble picking up a gallon of water at the grocery store, much less lugging the darn things up the stairs to my home.  Now, I not only have the strength to pick up the gallons and transport them, but I can do so without pain.  Amazing.  Nowadays, it is a little embarrassing, but I just can’t help but show off my biceps to anyone who knows about my injury and remembers when I was in a debilitated state. 

One of the ways this worked for me was because the Ultimate Body program works by ‘cueing’ your subconscious mind to increase your own natural human growth hormone.  I had used some pretty expensive HGH in the past, with good results, but I could not afford to continue such an expensive program.  Plus, I was a little concerned about taking something over an extended period of time that came from an outside source, contained some herbs as well, and came in a cream which had some synthetic chemicals in it. 

In addition to HGH, the Ultimate Body program increases muscle strength and recovery time.  In my case, I found this very useful because when I do over-tax my neck and shoulder muscles and start to get any type of muscle spasm, I now am able to recover within 12-24 hours maximum, whereas before this program, the muscle spasms would last for days if and until I received therapy or took anti-inflammatory drugs.  The Ultimate Body program also works by instructing the subconscious to balance hormones, increase energy, improve absorption of DHEA, and increase chromium picolinate in your system. 

All of these ‘instructions’ and ‘cues’ that I have described are delivered to my subconscious while I watch a simple, four minute presentation that PATHS has created, which, as I mentioned, is called the Ultimate Body module.  I simply watch the online presentation on my computer at least once per week. 

My recovery from ‘strains’ now is much faster and I don’t have to take any drugs or perform any therapy whatsoever, although I do try and make a point of viewing the program so that I can trigger the response from my body that I am looking for – muscle recovery.  This has worked like a charm for me for the last six months, without fail. 

So, can your subconscious really give you the Ultimate Body you have always wanted?  That of course depends on your realistic vision of your Ultimate Body!  For me, the Ultimate Body program provided the ultimate means to achieve muscle tone and strength, which I would have otherwise been unable to achieve in a short period of time (if ever).  I have my ultimate body and feel strong and great!  The PATHS technology and programs are certainly the powerful alternative I was looking for, and have proven to help thousands of others. 

Jeanie Boyle

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