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Average 50% less time and Money


Energistx offers the most comprehensive selection of high-techModular Hospitals for disaster relief and humanitarian services. We bring together the nation's most trusted quality manufacturers of Transportable
Medical Facilities and Leasing Services to provide your organization with exactly what is needed to save lives in the field and keep people healthy anywhere in the world.

Customized semi-mounted facilites, with your organiztion's logo and specifications, fully loaded, factory direct leasing and purchasing options. International shipping and large capacity manufacturing for public and private entities available.

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TMACCtm Transmodular mobile hospital
Expandable Mobile Hospital Complex

150 Bed Hospital Complete Equipment List
50-Bed Hospital Floorplan and Equipment List PDF
Single Semi-Mounted Surgical Med Clinic

Mobile hospital and medical units
Product Summary
Mobile Surgical Clinic
Mobile (PET/CT) Positron Emission Tomography Units
Mobile (MRI) Magnetic Resonance Imaging Units
Mobile Lithotripsy Units
Mobile Blood Collection Units
Mobile Cardiac Cath Labs

Mobile Disaster Units
Mobile (PET) Positron Emission Tomography Units
Mobile Military Units
Mobile Laboratory Units
Mobile (CT) Computerized Tomography Units
Mobile Dental Care Units

Mobile Medical Waste Treatment Facilities

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mobile shipping container conversion units
Mobile Exam Room

Mobile Isolation Units