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Newsletters Fall 2008
Manufacturer Direct Sustainable Infrastructure Replacement Services and Equipment

We Now have a new line of Emergency Hurricane Relief Units

Turn-Key Man Camp Infrastructure Services : Experienced, reliable life support infrastructure anywhere you need it. Complete full-service infrastructure including temporary or replacement housing, catering, transportation, vehicle fleets, water, power, and security services. Read More...

Mobile Hospitals and Lab Facilities our manufacturers have over 50 years experience in designing and manufacturing portable Medical Facilities and Sensitive Equipment Laboratories to spec. A must-have for any disaster preparedness plan. Read More...

Global Water is a manufacturer of state-of-the-art WATER PURIFICATION, WASTEWATER PROCESSING and WASTEWATER-EFFLUENT RECYCLING equipment for municipalities, military, disaster relief agencies, industry, remote villages, homes and new residential and industrial developments since 1990 worldwide. Read More

Mobile Commercial Kitchens by Carlin Mfg: The world’s leader in mobile foodservice facilities. Efficiently designed with painstaking attention to detail for cost-effective servicing of 100 to 10,000 customers per day. Read More...

Mobile Hunting Cabins: Sportsman Hunting Cabins provide accesibility, security, portability, and all the comforts of home in backcounrty locations. Durable and designed specifically for hunting, fishing and sporting enthusiasts. Read More...

Leasing Options: Energistx now offers leasing packages for any of our infrastructure products through MSI Money, making it easier and more cost-effective for your company to stay ready for action.

Manufacturer Direct Purchasing: Energistx is not a middle-man, but a convenient one-stop resource for niche products relating to infrastructure replacement and sustainable technologies. We act as a representative for a carefully selected alliance of the most experienced and capable manufacturers of mobile systems and man-camp services anywhere in the world. Contracts and purchase orders are made directly with the manufacturer of the product, guaranteeing you the lowest price and best service possible. With Energistx helping you source the right equipment for your application or project, you have a powerful alliance of strategic partners working together to meet your company’s unique needs with just one phone call.

Climate Change, Global Warming and Disaster Preparedness: This month NASA released a staggering new report regarding the unprecedented shrinkage of the Antarctica Perennial Ice Shelf due to warmer waters and changing climate 14 percent since 2002. Are we prepared for the big changes this could bring?

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With Blessings of Comfort and Prosperity,
The Energistx Team




Newsletters Fall 2005

Post Katrina Newsletter

Dearest Friends of Energistx,

On August 28th, 2005, our phones began to ring off the hook for disater relief solutions in the wake of hurricane Katrina. Our vision for Energistx has always been to solve the most important problems that face humanity today. Affordable housing, abundant clean energy, clean pure abundant water, and the ongoing research and development of a host of sustainable technologies for not only survival, but intelligent evolution.

Our hearts go out to those devastated by this powerful storm and we are doing everything in our power to provide relief, shelter, and infratructure rehabilitation as quickly as possible. However, this will not be the last super storm to challenge us. We are now experiencing the effects of Global Warming and it's corresponding slowing effect on the Gulf Stream. Please read the article below to learn more...

Discover Magazine, September 2002

One of the first hints that something may be different than what we’re being told was published in Discover magazine in September 2002 with the cover announcing “GLOBAL WARMING SURPRISE, A NEW ICE AGE”.

“Oceanographers have discovered a huge river of fresh water in the Atlantic formed by melting polar ice. They warn it could soon bury the Gulf Stream, plunging North America and Europe into frigid winters.”

That was 3 years ago, and no one listened. Life goes on oblivious to the incredible danger approaching.

Britain & Sir David King

Then in January 2004 enter Sir David King. He’s the UK Prime Minister’s chief scientist, and he went to Mr. Blair to tell him of the impending worldwide disaster and that they needed to tell the world of what was about to happen.

Tony Blair told Sir David to keep quiet. But King felt that this was simply too important for him to say nothing, so in January of this year he deliberately went around Mr. Blair and straight to the American journal Science where he published his information and his concern.

“In my view, climate change is the most severe problem we are facing today, more serious even than the threat of terrorism .” Remember?

A gag order was placed on Sir David King, and now he’s not even allowed to discuss this subject publicly under threat of detention.

America & the Pentagon

A month later, in February 2004, the Pentagon became involved, which has finally stirred the world to action.

The Pentagon has been studying Global Warming for many years because of the possible national security problems associated with the kind of changes that could present themselves to the world.

A special study was conducted through one of the Pentagon’s departments, the Office of Net Assessment , which is directed by Andrew W. Marshall, 83, who has the responsibility of identifying long-term threats to the United States.

He went to Global Business Network, a US based think-tank, to compile the possible effects of Global Warming on US national security. A study was completed in October of 2003 and released to the Pentagon, which was researching this problem from the point of view of what is the worst that could happen. It was named “An Abrupt Climate Change Scenario and Its Implications for United States National Security. ” The summary went far beyond what most Pentagon experts had expected.

Realising the incredible possibilities of this study, Mr. Marshall made a decision to publicly report this and other information to the American people. And probably because of President Bush’s stance on Global Warming, which is beyond negative, he also decided to go around the president, publishing his information and concern in Fortune magazine on February 9th 2004.

In it Mr. Marshall explains how the melting North and South poles and glaciers from around the world are composed of fresh water - and within this fact is the basis of the impending global weather disaster.

The North Atlantic Thermohaline Conveyor

The Gulf Stream (scientifically referred to as the North Atlantic Thermohaline Conveyor) is a stream of warm water that comes from south of the equator and flows over the surface of the ocean toward the north where this warm water keeps Northern America and Northern and Western Europe from freezing. It also holds most of the world’s weather patterns in the pattern with which we’re familiar.

Then as this Gulf Stream cools, it drops to the bottom of the ocean and returns (as a river in the ocean) to the south where it warms up again and rises to the surface and then returns to the north once more in a continuous convection current. It is a huge 3 dimensional figure eight.

The motor that keep this warm water flowing is found in the north where the Gulf Stream drops to the bottom of the ocean. It’s the salt density of the ocean that causes this river to drop, thereby pulling the warm water up from the south.

Gottit? Well, now that the poles are melting, now that fresh water is flowing into the Atlantic Ocean, the salt density is decreasing! So the Gulf Stream doesn’t drop quite as far! So it starts slowing down! The Gulf Stream has been dramatically slowing down now for at least 10 years, and that’s a FACT!

As the Gulf Stream slows down, the warmth is not delivered to the North Atlantic region, and the weather patterns begin to change - for they’re dependent on this warmth to maintain a balance.

The Melting Poles

During the Bush administration when discussions have been held on the melting of the North & South Poles, this government and US corporate entities alike have stated that the world’s scientists are all wrong in their conclusions that there is great danger, and have led the American public to believe there is no real problem at all, or only a long term one.

However, George W. Bush was the focus of attack by Sir David King when he wrote his article in Science , for the world’s greatest scientific minds, at least 1,700 of them with the Union of Concerned Scientists, say that Mr. Bush is ill informed at the least.

Only 2 months after taking office, the administration withdrew from the Kyoto Protocol . Instead, Bush instituted a voluntary emissions plan that has been an abject failure: so far, only 14 companies have pledged to curb their CO2 output.

“President” Bush also folded the interagency group that monitors climate change into the Commerce Department -- led by Secretary Don Evans, a former oil and gas executive. He called for additional climate research that would delay any meaningful regulation for at least another decade. "We do not know how much our climate could or will change in the future ," Bush declared, spurring an open letter signed by 20 Nobel laureates, who blasted the administration for having " consistently sought to undermine " public understanding of man's role in global warming.

Then the censorship began. In September 2002, the Environmental Protection Agency released an air-quality report that - for the first time since 1996 - included no mention of global warming. 7 months later, the White House made wholesale revisions to the climate-change chapter of the EPA's " Report on the Environment ," playing down human influence, deleting references to the health impacts of global warming and inserting climate data funded in part by the American Petroleum Institute . The EPA withdrew the altered chapter, acknowledging in an internal memo that it "no longer accurately represents scientific consensus on climate change ."

"What seems constantly evident with George W. Bush is that EPA is expected to take its marching orders from the White House on regulatory matters," says Russell Train, a republican who headed the agency under Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford. " During my time, I never had that happen. Never." Train, a recipient of a Presidential Medal of Freedom from the elder Bush, calls the administration's approach to global warming "totally wrong" and " irresponsible ."

The North Pole Melting

Let’s look at the facts. 2 summers ago the North Pole completely melted for the first time in known history. Private and military ships floated directly over the actual North Pole which is now completely water. This area has never been seen to be less then ten feet of solid ice.

Greenpeace a few years ago announced that the North Pole’s winter to summer snow pack had receded by around 300 miles few people listened.

And right now we’re witnessing the Alaska fire that has consumed over one million acres of forest. This fire is burning in an area that’s always been wet with rain or snow! And it’s directly related to the melting of the poles and the Gulf Stream.

But finally the Pentagon, thanks to Andrew Marshall, has told the truth in the Fortune magazine of February 9th. The Pentagon compares a satellite photo of the North Pole in 1970 with one in 2003, revealing that, according to the Pentagon itself, 40% of the North Pole has melted in just 33 years. And this melting is accelerating now!

The South Pole Melting

A couple of years ago Larsen A ledge broke off at the South Pole, surprising many scientists. The scientific personnel who were studying this event dismissed it as no big deal - this ice ledge, they told the world, had only been connected to the South Pole for the last 10,000 years.

They added that Larsen B ledge, behind Larsen A ledge, would never melt as it has been there for many ice ages. Well, last year Larsen’s B ledge broke off and drifted out to sea!

These same scientists were wrong again when they said it would take 6 months to melt because of its immense size. It melted in just over a month!

And, even more significant, it raised the entire world’s oceans by almost an inch.

Now, with Larsen’s B ledge gone, an incredibly enormous ice shelf called Ross’s Shelf is exposed. The only thing holding Ross’s Shelf from sliding into the ocean was Larsen’s B ledge. According to my sources, Ross’s Shelf is now cracking .

And if Ross’s Shelf breaks off, it’s estimated to raise the world’s oceans by 16-20 feet. And that will cover a hell of a lot more than Saint Louis, including almost every coastal city in the world, many islands, and Holland! Perhaps it will take an event like this to wake up the world to become serious about Global Warming.


The Pentagon study looked into the past to see if & when this Gulf Stream slowing down / stoppage has happened before, and its effects on the world’s weather patterns.

In fact, it has happened hundreds of times over hundreds of millions of years, but only twice in the last 10,000 years.

1300 AD: it simply slowed down in 1300 AD, the most recent, but never actually stopped. Scientists don’t really know why.But it resulted in abrupt global climatic weather changes that didn’t return to normal for 550 years. The “Little Ice Age,” as it’s been named, saw havoc and dramatic cooling, during which the East Coast of America became extremely cold, while the middle and Western areas of the United States became so dry that the Midwest became a dust bowl, and the mountain forests burned to the ground, just as they’re doing right now. It also affected Europe dramatically.

A study of the 14th century Anasazi Indians is enlightening. In Chaco Canyon in New Mexico they completely disappeared, and nobody knew why. But one of the reasons that has now emerged is that Chaco Canyon entered a drought during which not a drop of rain fell for 47 years!

And this is exactly what the Pentagon believes is about to happen, or already happening in America, Canada and Europe!

We may think or hope the current drought in the US West will stop soon, but Gulf Stream history strongly suggests it will continue for another 40 years.

6200 BC
The Pentagon report, however, believes that the Gulf Stream is not just going to slow down, it is going to stop. And the last time this happened was 8200 years ago.

This, according to the Pentagon’s research, is a much more dramatic scenario. When the Gulf Stream last stopped, it soon left Northern Europe under a half mile of ice! And New York quickly endured weather similar to Siberia.

Further it resulted in a true “Ice Age” lasting about 100 years. You can see why the Pentagon is so worried. And why Andrew Marshall, like Sir David King, says this Gulf Stream problem is a greater threat to national (and global) security) than all the terrorism in the world combined.

According to the Pentagon, the impossibility of growing food without stable weather conditions could become such a huge problem for the world in the near future that wars will begin to form all over the world, not for oil or energy, but for food and water.

And with Finland, Sweden and Denmark under ice, and whole countries having to evacuate, the resultant enormous immigration represents the biggest threat to national security, again according to the Pentagon report.

No Return To Normal

Many still believe that if we continue to lower CO2 levels, we can slow down the problems, and, of course, we must do everything we can. This is important because there are other ocean currents in every ocean, and if they were all to stop or slow down, Earth would almost certainly enter a true Ice Age from which our civilization would not return for 90,000 years.

But really, changing or increasing the current of the entire Atlantic Ocean to bring it back to “normal” is beyond the possibilities of the human species and it’s technologies. It is too late, by the estimate of most of the world’s scientists, to alter the course of what is already happening.
All we can do now is prepare. And preparation is essential, which is the main message of both Sir David King and Andrew Marshall.

NASA Prepares
On July 13th, 2004, NASA launched the first of 3 satellites whose whole purpose is to study Global Warming. Besides the study of the ozone, another huge problem associated with Global Warming, these satellites will monitor the temperature and salt density of the oceans. Perhaps we will at least be able to monitor the rapid changes and predict what will happen next and when.

The Changing Shape Of The Gulf Stream
The Pentagon report theorised that the stoppage of the Gulf Stream would probably happen in 3-5 years from October 2003.But what they didn’t know, because it was beginning at the actual time of their report’s release, was that the Gulf Stream was beginning to change shape. This change of shape is the beginning of the breakdown and stoppage of this warm water current, and the end of our civilisation as we know it.



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