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Proprietary Purification Process

All of Global Water's Military and Disaster Relief Equipment, as well as total home systems, follow our complete purification process of removing parasites with 1-micron filtration; removing hazardous chemicals, insecticides, pesticides, radon, chlorine, bad taste and odor with its proprietary multi-media filtration process; and killing the bacteria and viruses with ultra-violet. The result is better water than you could buy in a bottle, in the supermarket or in a fine restaurant, produced efficiently at any location from a single faucet to entire municipalities. Call Energistx 866-733-8686

The 3-Phase Advantage
The World Health Organization stated that most systems in the world utilize one of the three accepted methods of purifying water. Some systems use two methods. And a very few use two and half concepts. Hardly any municipal systems actually use all three necessary approaches. GLOBAL WATER SYSTEMS DO ALL THREE, using state-of-the-art technologies to produce the freshest, best-tasting drinking water possible.

Remove Parasites
The Global Freshwater Purification Modules start with 1 micron and 5 micron filter membrane that removes all parasites. Organisms that are common world-over in many water sources, can cause illness and even dealth in chldren or elderly. Our equipment removes these dangers without the use of harmful chemicals like Chlorine.

Eliminates or Reduces Chemicals
To reduce or eliminate hazardous chemicals below US-EPA or International-EPA standards, Global Water Group uses a proprietary formula of multi-media that grab and hold those elements. Most municipal systems use various sand filtration and flocculation methods. Most water filtering systems use activated carbon; some use another media in combination. No one has the formulation that Global created over ten years ago that far exceeds those EPA standards.

Remove Bacteria and Viruses

Global Systems use a unique and highly effective method to kill bateria and viruses: Ultraviolet and Ozone. Most municipal systems and third-world countries use chlorine. Chlorine kills most bacteria and viruses when dosed heavily enough and it puts most in a holding state if it doesn't kill them. Quite often you can smell and taste the over-chlorination by municipal systems to accomplish this, making water sometimes undrinkable. Unfortunately, the World Health Organization for years has been telling the world to STOP using chlorine.


Call us with any questions toll-free about your water needs: 1-866-733-8686