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Design Consulting

Congratulations for discovering the definitive source for Watsu ® pool design, biologically friendly water treatment solutions, high tech pool and hydraunic equipment and an international network of professional Aquatic Bodywork practitioners and instructors to set up your spa, healing retreat, or private practice with the most cutting edge, energy efficient technologies available in the world of water.

Working with Energistx, you and your organization will have the peace of mind to know that your Watsu or Aquatic Therapy Pool will be designed and engineered specifically for Aquatic Bodywork with high quality, commercial grade equipment by the only pool equipment and design company specializing in the unique environment of Watsu. We'll work hand in hand with your local contracters and engineers to create the perfect pool for your needs with a full line of reasonably priced consulting services plus Watsu Pool and Hydronics equipment.

Commercial Watsu ® Pool Packages

Creating a Watsu® Pool in your Resort or Spa is easy with our pre-engineered Watsu ® Pool Packages, complete with heating and sanitation solutions, underwater special effects and engineering specs for your local Building Department and DOH. We've teamed up with the leading pool manufacturers in the US to bring you commercially rated pools with several styles and sizes to choose from. Or, if you have an existing pool you'd like to upgrade or convert, or you're building a new in-ground Watsu Pool, we can source all the equipment you'll need and include 3 free hours of consulting with a minimum purchase.


Building a Watsu ® therapy pool may seem like a daunting and expensive process. But it doesn't have to be! Let us guide you through all the important phases of design, construction, integration and marketing. Dealing with contractors, architects, engineers, plumbers, all the features and equipment options, not to mention local health and building code considerations, gets a lot easier with 24+ years of pool, construction, hydraunics, and aquatic therapy experience backing you up. Utilize our wealth of experise to get second opinions, price compare, trouble shoot, gracefully solve design challenges, and avoid costly project delays.

Initial phone consultation to establish the general scope of your needs is free of charge. For projects requiring in-depth conversations, research and/or design, a consultation retainer fee of $300 for 3 hours of consulting services is paid up front, but can then be applied as a down payment to equipment purchases over $3000. A bargain for invaluble design ideas and money-saving tips that can easily save you thousands and insure that you end up with exactly what you want. Further on-site, email or phone consultation fees are negotiated on an individual basis, depending on your project.

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