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Solar and Standard Pool Equipment

We have access to just about any kind of pool equipment and maintenance supplies that you'd ever want...and aquatic environment specialists to help you choose the right components. We can outfit any equipment package to be solar or wind powered for off-the-grid independence and energy savings. Possibilties limted only by your imagination...

Solar Equipped Pools
Did you know you can heat and run your entire pool equipment package on solar? Energy from the sun is a powerful way to save on your monthly maintenance costs. Plus, you can actually create a shade structure for your therapy pool, nearby carport, dressing or picnic area, as shown in the picture above. Running your pool on Solar gives you freedom to locate your pool in remote locations where electricity or gas would be costly or inconvenient to run lines to. Depending on your geographic location, power access and solar exposure, you may want to include a super efficient electric heater or wind back-up for long periods of cloudy weather.

Standard Pool Equipment Packages and Parts
From gas and electric heaters, filters, sanitation, pumps, valves, fittings, skimmers, automated controls, replacement parts, and more. Name brands, manufacturer's warantees, shipped right to your door. 1-866-733-8686

Maintenace Supplies and Chemicals Call us for any of your maintenance supply needs, shipped right to your door. 1-866-733-8686

Special Equipment and Accesories Whatever yu may need for your pool or spa, such as covers, vacuums, or special therapy equipment, Enegistx would be happy to help you locate the best option for your application and specifics. We carry everything, just ask! 1-866-733-8686

We carry different brands, models, and variations of most items that we offer. So CALL US for a recommendation for the system that suits your needs. At Energistx we've done the research, and can be of help in finding what's right for you. There's no better place to compare your options than with one of our friendly, knowledgeable sales associates. Call Toll-free: 1-866-733-8686