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Commercial Solar Installations

Energistx has teamed up with the the most reliable name in commercial solar electric systems. PowerLight Corporation is the nation's leading designer, manufacturer and installer of grid-connected solar electric systems. They offer a full line of products including roof-mounted, ground-mounted, and canopy solar systems for industrial, commercial, and government applications. Their high-profile clients include the Mauna Lani Resort, Fetzer Winery, Neutrogena, Chabot Science Center, Yosemite and the US Postal Service. Join the growing number of forward thinking companies and government agencies that are investing in on-site solar generation and reaping the benefits of harnessing the sun's abundant, free energy.

attention!If you are a manufacturer and have a portable ( user installed) integrated product or package that is ready for market, we feel that we have the best exposure on the web for these cutting edge technologies. Currently, the products offered here are for large systems that generally need to be installed by specialized solar contractors. So, if you are ready for market with your innovative green technology, call Energistx and let's bring it to the world!

PowerLight Products
PowerLight Corporation has the products and services required to install large-scale solar electric generation at any suitable site. PowerLight develops, manufacturers, and installs complete systems, ensuring reliability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

"The combined solar electric power and energy efficiency solutions we implemented through our relationship with PowerLight reflect the future of the industry. With solar electric generation and smart energies strategies, we reduced our overall energy costs and contributed to California's sustainability."
Matt Muniz
Alameda County
Energy Program Manager
Oakland, Californias

Roof –mounted Solar Electric Systems

PowerGuard® - Solar Electric Systems for Flat Roofs
PowerLight’s PowerGuard is a complete, pre-engineered system, easy to install and practically maintenance free. The patented, lightweight photovoltaic roofing assembly generates clean, reliable electricity while reducing the building’s energy load and peak demand costs. Available in flat or angled tile arrays.

PowerRoof™ - Solar Electric Systems for Sloped Roofsw
The PowerRoof solar electric system is specifically engineered for any sloped roof structure. PowerRoof is ideal for asphalt shingle and metal roofs.

Ground-mounted Solar Electric Systems

PowerTracker™ - Solar Electric Tracking System
PowerTracker systems are ideal for large, unused open areas adjacent to facilities. PowerLight’s PowerTracker systems track the sun from east to west, generating maximum energy from a photovoltaic (PV) system.

PowerShade™ - Solar Electric Carport System
PowerShade is an ideal solar electric system for parking lots adjacent to facilities, and accommodates both continuous and multi-level structures. This ground-mounted photovoltaic system delivers onsite electric power while providing premium shading.

Public Display System

System Perfoemance Display Kiosk SunDial
Kiosk System Performance Display For customers who wish to showcase the performance of their solar system in the building’s
lobby or other public space, PowerLight offers Sun Dial, a real-time display kiosk. Sun Dial is designed to communicate information on the solar system to site visitors by displaying performance data in an attractive, intuitive format.


PowerLight’s financial consulting services ensure that all appropriate financing vehicles and government programs are used to maximum advantage.

Project Management
PowerLight’s project management services range from
initial site suitability analysis through performance monitoring.

PowerLight Product Warranty Information
PowerLight’s turnkey solar electric systems are designed to be maintenance free. However, we have developed a comprehensive program to address any issues that may arise.

Overall System Warranty
PowerLight provides customers with a complete five-year system warranty. Included in this warranty are continuous remote monitoring of system performance and 72-hour on-site response to any system problem through a qualified local service technician. Customers also receive long-term solar system component warranties (e.g. 20-25 years on the PV modules) from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).
PowerLight will provide lifetime telephone assistance with all aspects of the solar system, including interface with OEM suppliers. From year five through ten, we offer an annual service contract that includes routine maintenance and repairs.

Which States are Most Suited for a Photovoltaic System?
The economics of a solar electric installation is governed in large part by site-specific factors. Some of these factors affect only an individual site -- the value of displacing roof product and air conditioning savings -- whereas other factors are regional -- tax credits and local utility rates, as examples.
A comprehensive list of factors that should be considered in evaluating a solar electric project would include:

1. The amount of sunlight available at the project location
2. Local utility rates
3. Displacing roofing product value
4. Air conditioning savings
5. Roof maintenance avoidance
6. Tax credits
7. Improved power quality
8. Public relations value

The map below illustrates the relative suitability of commercial photovoltaic projects, by State, using price of electricity, amount of sunlight available, and government programs.

The Solar Industry
Solar electric power addresses the needs of four major market segments:

In this application, solar electric power is used as a preferred source of alternative or supplemental electric power for customers already connected to the utility grid. Solar electric power can also provide reliable back-up power in the event of a utility outage. Primarily concentrated in Europe, Japan and the United States, this application has represented the fastest-growing segment of the solar electric power market since 1996, and is the segment that PowerLight participates in.

Rural electrification
An estimated two billion people live in geographic areas not conducive to electrification by means of the utility grid. For these people, solar electric power is a cost effective and rapid way in which to gain access to electrical supply.
Telecommunications and transportation industries
Solar electric power is used for a wide variety of applications in the telecommunications and transportation industries. Examples include cellular telephone base stations, fiber-optic and radio repeaters, telemetry and data acquisition systems, traffic information signs, warning displays and emergency call boxes.

Consumer electronics
Solar cells, typically amorphous silicon cells, have been used to power small consumer electronics for decades. Examples include low-energy applications (up to 5W), such as calculators, watches and other consumer goods.

Frequently asked Questions
Q: What kind of solar systems does PowerLight build?
A: PowerLight specializes in large-scale, grid-connected solar electric systems. In fact, the company has built many of the largest photovoltaic (PV) systems in the nation. The company designs and manufactures solar electric rooftop systems, solar carports and ground mounted PV tracking systems.

Q: How long has PowerLight been in business?
A: PowerLight was founded in 1991 in Berkeley, California. The early focus of the company was the design and development of lightweight, penetration-free solar electric rooftop systems. Today, PowerLight is the world’s leading designer, manufacturer and installer of commercial-scale grid connected photovoltaic systems.