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Mobile Field Units for Military

Heavy-duty mobile water purification equipment for remote military encampments and field operations that require independent water treatment capabilities. From small backpack units that can be carried by a single person, to large truck mounted modules for both freshwater and seawater treatment, Energistx has got you covered with The Global Water proprietary 3-phase purification process that produces safe, great tasting water for drinking, basic hygeine, medical treatment, and food preparation. Call Energistx at: 866-733-8686

The items listed below are basic product series overviews. You can view the entire Military Series Catalogue by clicking here. Please call us to get the best price quote for larger government procuremnets. Our friendly professional customer service staff and engineering team will be happy to help design the most appropriate packages for your agency's specific application. All products are manufactured in the USA under the strictest of quality standards and procedures. Read more about the company's history.

LS3 Survival Backpack
The LS3 Survival Backpack series are rugged, easy to operate units designed to be carried by a single person. They have been field proven in combat and are ideal for long-range reconnaissance patrols, special operations or any other situations that require small teams to be self-sufficient in water. May be parachuted with the operator. The Backpack series come in two variants. View Catalogue

LS3 Mobile Field Units
The LS3 Mobile Field Units are totally self contained with their own battery for operations. They may also be powered by external sources (eg. electricity mains, generators, hand or foot pumps, shore pressure, or gravity feed). Each can be purchased with solar panels or solar arrays to recharge the batteries. The units can also run off the battery of any vehicle which might be used to transport them, as well as the capability to run off of any other available electrical source or generator. Fixed base versions are referred to as On-Site Treatment (OST) devices. OST systems provide only the basic water treatment units without mobility. They may or may not be self-contained with their own power sources.
Special Features:
The on-board pump will only function when the UV unit is operating, ensuring the destruction of harmful bacteria and viruses. The units are fitted with a speed control for the pump or a manual valve to maintain flow rate when using water already under pressure.

LS3 Mobile Field Platform
The LS3 Mobile Field Platform Units are compact skid mounted, self-powered, self-contained treating units, Its specifications is intended for military encampments and emergency disaster relief operations. The modular design can be fitted to accommodate any number of attached units.

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