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Water Treatment Technologies

We are busy planning for tommorow. At Energistx we understand that the ability to efficiently and effectively purify polluted or salty water is vital to the survival of our species. Our Global Water portable, advanced water treatment systems turn unhealthy, undrinkable water into pure, delicious water: from a single faucet to an entire municipality. Please call our Global Water Representative at Energistx: toll free 866-733-8686 to design a system that suits your application.

Freshwater Purification Modules
State-of-the-art 3-phase portable water purification that far exceeds existing health and safety standards for municipal water treatment. Removes all parasites, non-organic compounds (chemicals), and bacteria and viruses, leaving the good minerals in to provide fresh unsurpassed water tatse and quality finer than any you can buy. These systems are the easiest to operate, easiest to maintain and are the most cost efficient. Global's standard production equipment has varying power alternatives: all a/c electrical power sources, with many capable of running on d/c with solar options, as well as hand or foot pumps, shore pressure or gravity feed. All of Global's equipment is designed on a modular concept for both optimum processing efficiency and easy modification of system sizes. One modular system can process from 500 GPD to 500,000 gallons per day. Platform systems can be sized up to the tens of millions of gallons per day. View Catalogue

Desalination Modules
Our Global DESALINATION SERIES is state-of-the-art for the 21st century. Global's MILITARY MOBILE DESALINATION SERIES provide a unique concept in utilization and can desalinate seawater up to 60,000 ppm. For municipalities, utilizing Global's platform and modular desalination designs, systems can be built from 5,000 GPD to 100,000,000 GPD or more. View Catalogue

Wastewater and Wastewater-Effluent Recycling

Our Global Wastewater's modular black-water and gray-water treatment unit utilizes a biological treatment process called "extended aeration activated sludge" process. These systems leave NO SLUDGE, have NO ODOR, are extremely simple to maintain and are very cost effective. Global's modular Recycling System takes the wastewater effluent, recycles all suspended solids and then purifies the water in seconds. The output quality is potable (from sewage) and yet the combined wastewater-recycling process is more cost effective than the old fashioned standard infrastructure of just wastewater alone (with pollutants as an environmentally incorrect output). View Catalogue

Engineering Integrated Systems
Energistx-Global Water Group includes a Water Processing Design & Engineering Division and a Home Water Systems Division, each offering expertise in those areas with engineers specializing in fluids and metals, as well as specialists in bio-chemistry and physics.

Call us with any questions toll-free about your water needs: 1-866-733-8686

Benefits of Using Global Water Purification Systems

Exceed EU, WHO, International & U.S. EPA Standards
Finest quality drinking water
Easier to operate and maintain
More cost efficient than traditional methods
Completely portable and scalable
Reduce health care cost
Reduce illness for children and the elderly
Reduce death rates among children
Improve the quality of life
Create jobs
Create revenues
Provide capital for future systems growth
Bio- and Eco- Friendly Technologies

Benefits of Global Wastewater Processing & Effluent Recycling

Exceed EU, WHO, International & U.S. EPA Standards
Eliminate the hazards and costs of sludge disposition
Eliminate the health hazards of sewage system overflows
Eliminate odor and other problems with waste processing
Eliminate the distribution of over-chlorinated effluent
Prevent the contamination of effluent runoff
Completely portable and scalable
Create additional potable resources
Improve the quality of life
Create additional jobs
Create additional substantial revenues for 20 or more years
Provide capital for future systems growth and improvements
Tangible savings on Equipment and Infrastructure
Create a better business community